Program Costs

If you need more information on applying to the Europ-Ped's program, take a look on our How to Apply page for help!

The cost of an intensive physical therapy program at Euro-Peds depends upon which program you choose for your child (Intensive PT with or without optional Euro-Peds Therapy Suit) and the duration of your child’s program.  Your insurance may cover part or all of the therapy. If you don't have insurance or your insurance doesn't cover intensive PT in Michigan, the cost can range anywhere from $2500-$9000+. 

Insurance: Euro-Peds is pleased to accept a wide variety of insurances.  The amount of reimbursement will vary depending on the insurance provider. It is best to contact Euro-Peds’ insurance specialists at (248) 857-6776, #3, to discuss insurance questions for your specific health coverage provider.

20 Hours/Week This program is usually 4 hours per day and typical sessions are 20 hours per week for 2-, 3- or 4-weeks at a time.  For the 4-hour program, it is strongly recommended that children do a 2-week session the first time to make sure they can tolerate intensive physical therapy.  After this first session, the PT can recommend whether 2-, 3- or 4-week sessions are best.

  • $2500 per week for Intensive Physical Therapy
  • $3000 per week for Euro-Peds® Suit Therapy combined with Intensive PT

3-5 Hours/Week: In-area patients (patients that are going to commute to the clinic over a 3-month period of time) generally come 2-3 days per week for up to 3 months (1.5-2 hour/each treatment). Insurance usually covers this program, but on the rare occasion that it doesn’t, the costs are as follows:

  • $250 per session for Intensive Physical Therapy
  • $300 per session for Euro-Peds® Suit Therapy combined with Intensive PT

Waiting List: Your child may be put on a waiting list until a session that works within your scheduling needs arises and Euro-Peds will call you.  Wait list times vary depending on the time of year, the program requested, and the flexibility of the parents or caregivers who will be bringing the child to intensive therapy.  If you are unable to attend the session, your name will go back onto the waiting list until the next session becomes available that works within your time frame.

X-Rays for Suit Therapy candidates: If you are also considering Euro-Peds® Suit Therapy as part of your child’s intensive physical therapy session, you will be asked to provide X-rays of your child’s hips taken within six months of your scheduled appointment.  The X-rays will be required prior to your child’s 1st day of therapy to determine if Suit Therapy will be appropriate for them (see Suit Therapy).

Doctors Prescription: Once you are approved and a session date has been finalized, you will need to get a prescription for “Intensive Physical Therapy” from your child’s physician.  Euro-Peds® office staff can provide your physician specific wording for an intensive physical therapy session.

Financial Assistance