Home Exercise Program (HEP)

Below you will find information about continuing your child's improvements through the Home Excercise Program. If you are interested in learning about our services in general, take a look at our programs and learn about The Euro-Peds difference.

Patients will probably notice the most drastic results after leaving Euro-Peds and returning home. More improvements are generally shown after treatment because children have had the opportunity to rest their muscles. When patients go home, many continue to use and perfect their new skills- maintaining their progress and integrating the skills they've learned into their daily lives.  Each family receives a detailed written home exercise program with digital photos of their child performing each activity.  Parents and caregivers are given an opportunity to try each activity and ask questions before they leave for home.

Click on the photos below to view sample HEPs of three different children. Please know that these HEPs have been developed specifically for these children and SHOULD NOT BE APPLIED TO ANY OTHER CHILD OR INDIVIDUAL.